Kanekoseimen Ltd.

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Business Area

Flour milling and sales of noodle related products
(retail sales, wholesale, delivery, internet, exhibition, online sales)


Fresh Noodles (Soba, Udon, Ramen, Somen, Steamed Noodle, Boiled Noodle),
Dry Noodle (Soba, Udon, Somen, Hiyamugi),
Dumpling Skin (Gyoza, Shumai, Spring Roll, Wonton),
Original Tsuyu, Flour (Soba Flour, Wheat Flour),
Flour-related products using flour brought in by customers.For gifts or business use

Main products

Dry Noodle (Soba, Udon, Ramen)
Soba Flour, Wheat Flour



We do not use any additives on our products.? Our noodles are genuine; we use the method inherited from the past much water added to matured noodle method) to extract the original taste of the crops in order to produce the best noodle.
As for wheat flour, we have contracts from specific farmers and use only Norin #61 flour because of its taste, texture and smell.
Especially for soba, the taste, texture and smell is very important. We use only the best and most flavorful domestically- produced soba to make whole grain flour.
We use Amami Salt and Ako Salt, salt that can extract the original taste of the ingredients.
In terms of water, we use ionized water which we believe is safer, tastier and will bring out the taste of ingredients to the maximum.



Company Information

Kanekoseimen Ltd.
994 Tanaka, nakai cho, ashigara kami gun, Kanagawa Ken, 259-0145,Japan
Tel: +81-465-810425
Fax: +81-465-811722
URL: http://www.seimenya.jp/

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